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About Us

Our Mission

The Daily Hustle empowers individuals from all walks of life to achieve more than they have ever expected. By chasing our dreams, pushing the boundaries, and smashing society's arbitrary expectations, we, the Hustlers, will leave behind our legacy.

By uniting our community of Hustlers, we will learn from each other and thrive off each others' energy. We will provide each other with mutual respect and support. Only through this way, will we all advance together.

Our Vision

To become a renowned name in the fitness industry, known for supporting athletes from diverse backgrounds who have pushed through adversity to achieve amazing feats. We want to build a community of Hustlers who learn from each other, respect each other and support each other, and advance our community together.

Our Foundations

The Daily Hustle was founded by two high school students in 2017. Coming from Asian migrant families, they witnessed first-hand the sacrifice and hustle their parents endured to provide a better future for their family. This inspired them to push the boundaries and seek success in whatever they faced.

Kelvin Tran, our CEO and Founder, now continues to run the Daily Hustle, with the mission to inspire and empower others. Kelvin has a huge passion for health and fitness, competing in both bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions, always aiming to push himself and take things to the next level. While undergoing full-time university studies, Kelvin started his journey as a full-time personal trainer, supporting others in their fitness journeys. He embodies the Daily Hustle and aims to inspire others to embody it too.