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Our Logo


In our logo and designs, a deer represents the Daily Hustle. A deer has many sides to them – powerful, growing and independent – and this all comes together to symbolise the Hustle.

Power and Strength

The deer is a powerful animal. The powerful leg muscles allow them to run up to 60 kilometres per hour, jump three metres in the sky, and swim quickly for long distances. Hustlers also need to be powerful and strong, perhaps not physically, but more so mentally and emotionally, in order to overcome the constant challenges and battles they meet.


A deer is the only animal in the world who grows antlers – the fastest growing living tissue on earth. They are a one-of-a-kind breed, just like Hustlers. Hustlers also develop themselves, their personal lives, and their careers quickly by embracing failure and learning quickly.

Independence and Intuition

A deer is an independent animal and represents instinctual energy, stemmed from the shedding and regeneration of their antlers every few years. This instinctual energy reminds us to trust our gut instincts, as preached by successful entrepreneurs and Hustlers around the world. The deer also represents placing trust in ourselves in anything we do.